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CHIA + Coconut Water Drink Mix

chia plus coconut water

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    For your next workout, reach for TRAChealth’s hydrating all natural Chia + Coconut Water drink instead of an artificially flavored sports drink. We combined the powerful superfoods of chia seeds and coconuts into one convenient portable drink that’s packed with plant based nutrition and beneficial for everyone especially athletes. Just add water, mix and enjoy.

    The Ultimate All Natural Sports Drink

    Not only does our coconut water taste great, but it also promotes hydration and replenishes five essential electrolytes that are lost during exercise: Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Sodium. Adding chia seeds to the mix takes this drink’s sports nutrition capacity to a whole new level. Not only because chia is packed with heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, but because it’s also an excellent plant-based source of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and minerals.

    Athletic Performance Boost

    Stamina Gain a noticeable edge from chia’s ability to absorb 10x its weight in water.

    Replenish Coconut water contains essential electrolytes for post-workout re-fueling.

    Chia Nutritional Boost

    Omega-3s They are linked to cardiovascular health & healthy brain function.

    Fiber Chia’s high fiber content promotes healthy digestion and may lower cholesterol.

    Antioxidants Chia is naturally antioxidant-rich, important for fighting free radicals.

    Superfood Fun Fact: The Tarahumara tribe uses chia as their main source of nutrition during their 100 mile non-stop runs.

    Our Promise To You

    Our “Chia + Drinks” are specifically made for active individuals that demand more from their healthy beverages, expect high quality all-natural ingredients and require a level of convenience that matches their busy yet socially conscious lifestyle. Only the finest plant-based nutrient-dense superfoods are used as our main ingredients, and we are proud to say that our drinks are made in the USA with 100% Non-GMO ingredients.

    Nutritional Content

    TRAChealth Chia Coconut Drink Nutrition Panel

    Chia Nutrition*

    • More Omega-3’s than Salmon
    • More Antioxidants than Red Grapes
    • More Fiber than Bran Flakes
    • More Iron than Spinach
    • More Calcium than Milk

    *based on gram-for-gram comparisons of FDA nutritional estimates

    Coconut Water Electrolytes

    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Sodium
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus



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    Apr 22, 2013 by Hannah

    Tried y'all at [Natural Products] Expo West and fell in love!!! This is such a wonderful idea and the flavors are so yummy. Thanks for making such a great product.

    Great Drink

    Mar 26, 2013 by Drew

    This is a great alternative to chia drinks, like Mama Chia's coconut chia drink or Coco Libre. I can carry more of them to work and have chia drinks all day! And I don\’t need to keep labeling them so no one takes them from the fridge in the break room. I am not a big fan of Stevia or other zero calorie sweeteners, but the amount of Stevia in this drink is tolerable.

    Very Good Product

    Feb 27, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

    I used to just put my chia seeds in water to drink. It was not the tastiest, but it worked. After buying your drink packets I don’t think there is any going back for me. The coconut taste really good. I am a big fan of the products and can’t wait for the new flavors.

    Love the coconut

    Feb 12, 2013 by Nickie Monroe

    What a great concept. As a runner, I used to add the chia to a can of coconut water before a long run. Now I just add this packet to bottle of water. I get all of the electrolytes from the coconut plus the nutrition from the chia seeds. Fast shipping too, although I wish it was free shipping.

    Wow, It’s so convenient!

    Jan 09, 2013 by Doug Roman

    This coconut chia drink pack has been awesomely convenient! I used to lug around two bottles of Mama Chia and that was a pain in the neck, literally because my messenger bag strap was digging into my neck. Now all I do is take two chia drink packets and an empty water bottle with me to work. Couldn't be easier.
    Even though these chia drink packs are a lot cheaper than a Mama Chia bottle, I still wish they were like a dollar per packet. Then I would give it my 5 stars instead of only 4. C'mon TRAChealth, I know you can make it $1!

    4.6 5.0 5 5 Tried y'all at [Natural Products] Expo West and fell in love!!! This is such a wonderful idea and the flavors are so yummy. Thanks for making such a great product. Chia + Coconut Water
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